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Pastor Scott & Robin Wilson

Bringing Real Hope, Christ to Sierra Leone


Pastor Scott Wilson and wife, Robin served as missionaries in Sierra Leone.  After a mission trip to Sierra Leone years ago, the couple had the people of Sierra Leone on their hearts since.  Hearing the call, the couple headed to this west African country the summer of 2015.  Today, Scott & Robin are stateside, but their dedicated team of pastors remains in Sierra Leone.  This group ministers in over 100 villages….many remote and only accessible by foot or motorcycle.

With a passion for evangelizing and training Christians, Pastor Scott began church planting in the villages surrounding Bo, Sierra Leone.  Some of the villages had already a small Christian congregation, but no training or encouraging Word.  Some outlying villages have never heard the Word and are very remote with no roads for vehicles.  Pastor Scott focused on leading  people to Jesus and baptizing them in His name.  The ministry team trains the people in the Bible and leads several Bible studies each week.  Regularly, seminars are held to train up church leaders.  Study Bibles have been eagerly received and cherished by the new and growing Christians.

Scott graduated from the Dallas Theological Seminary and served as Pastor at Clear Lake Christian Church from 2007 to 2015. Robin was an office manager within a dental practice before becoming a full-time pastor’s wife and biblical counselor.  Together, they believe God will open Sierra Leone to the Gospel. 


Studying God’s Word

We invite you to prayerfully consider become our partners in this exciting ministry—through prayer, financial support, communication, and opportunities to join our team. We look forward to hearing from you, seeing you, and sharing life’s experiences of God’s goodness and power.



Sierra Leone Quick Facts

Sierra Leone is a mix of religions:
70% Muslim
28% Christian
2% Animist, Hindu, other
Most Christian Villages are in the cities and nearby villages. There is little exposure to the Gospel in rural areas.
Thousands have never heard the Gospel…
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