What We Believe

We BELIEVE in Jesus, the Son of God, as our Savior, the Bible as God’s Word, and the Holy Spirit as our source of power to impact our world with hope and love.  We BELIEVE it is necessary to respond in faith to God’s invitation for forgiveness and salvation.  We BELIEVE, upon accepting God’s gift, we are to grow in our faith and share it with others.
What we believe and teach regarding:
Scripture- The Bible is inspired by God and without error. Scripture centers on the Lord Jesus Christ and is properly understood as it related to Him. We believe that scripture is designed to apply to our personal life.
God- God exists eternally in three persons: the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity.
Humanity- Mankind was created in the image and likeness of God, As a consequence of his disobedience (sin) he lost his spiritual life, becoming dead in sin and subject to the power of Satan. All humanity has inherited this fallen state and iWOODEN CROSS 1s dependent on the grace of God to restore our relationship with Him.
Salvation- New Life implanted by the Holy Spirit through the word is the only means of Salvation. Our salvation was accomplished solely by the blood of Christ who took our penalty upon Himself through His crucifixion.
Sanctification- The process of becoming more Christ-like through struggling against the power of sin and growing in faith on Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. The process of sanctification is a life-long endeavor until we at last see Him face to face.
Eternal Security- God’s grace is a divine and eternal gift that cannot be earned through any effort on our part. One day, each of us who has trusted in Christ as Savior will stand before Him perfect, wrapped in the glory (image) of Christ.
Assurance- All who are born again through faith in Christ have assurance of Salvation from the day they accept God’s gracious gift. This assurance is based upon the testimony of God’s gracious gift. This assurance is based upon the testimony of God as presented in the Bible.
Holy Spirit- The third person of the Trinity takes up residence in the lives of all who have placed their faith in Christ. He unites all believers into one spiritual body and equips each of us with spiritual gifts that serve that serve that body. Spiritual work must be accomplished in the power of the Spirit, occurring only when we surrender our will to His.
The Church- All believers are united into the Body of Christ, the Church. The local church is to exhibit the same gifts, unity, and purpose as the body of Christ. We are to build up one another in love so that we become more like Christ. Our mission is to reach out to our community, making disciples and nurturing them to spiritual maturity.
Christian Conduct- We are called to holy living in the power of the Spirit. WE are still in a battle with the world (sin), our flesh (sinful desires) and the devil, so we must seek diligently to submit to the power of the Spirit so our life will honor the Lord. We should encourage one another to use the spiritual gift we have been given so the church can be effective.